EDL Fuse night + Defuser Rescue Back Up Device

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The Edelrid Fuse guided type fall arrester and Defuser shock pack offer superior safety for work at heights, exceeding safety standards and supporting heavy workloads. Key features:

  • Smooth Action & Reliability: The Fuse moves easily along the rope and blocks reliably in a fall.
  • Heavy Load Capacity: The Defuser can handle user loads of up to 220kg, offering reserves in work and rescue scenarios.
  • Reduced Impact Force: Significantly reduces fall arrest force, minimizing potential injury.
  • Energy Absorber Visibility: A visual window on the Defuser allows for easy inspection.

Protect yourself and your gear. Choose the Edelrid Fuse & Defuser.

  • Only device in the market that meets the standards EN 353-2, EN 12841-A, RfU 11.075, and ANSI Z359.15 for a payload of up to 140 kg – approved for horizontal applications
  • Runs along incomparably smoothly from the first meter
  • Separation of the blocking mechanism and its speeddependent activator – a patent application has been filed – improve reliability and safety
  • Activation of the clamping cam at a speed exceeding 2 m/s
  • Waiving at a toothed clamping cam reduces wear on the rope, prevents tearing of the rope, and ensures the blocking can be released without completely relieving the load
  • Integrated RFID chip for simplified operational documentation
  • Arrest function facilitates taut belaying in the working position and prevents sagging of ropes when it is exposed to wind
  • Easy attachment and detachment from the rope without separation from the karabiner
  • Use of DEFUSER energy absorbers reduces the arrest shock to 30 % below the standard
  • For a rope diameter of 10 to 12 mm