Arborist Fall Protection Equipment (Harness Equipment)

Ascend trees with confidence and safety using our top-of-the-line Arborist fall protection equipment. We carry a comprehensive selection of gear designed for the specific needs of tree care professionals, including:

  • Arborist harnesses with padded leg loops, positioning D-rings, and chainsaw chainsaw chaps integration.
  • Climbing saddles for comfortable work positioning while trimming or pruning.
  • Lanyards and connectors for secure attachment to the lifeline and efficient movement between branches.
  • Rope grabs and ascension devices to facilitate smooth climbing and controlled descents.
  • Fall arrest systems with built-in shock absorbers to minimize fall impact.

Our Arborist fall protection equipment is rigorously tested for durability and adheres to the latest Australian safety standards. Shop with confidence and prioritize the safety of your crew in the canopy!