PETZL Zigzag Plus Descender

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    Petzl Zigzag Plus: Enhanced Efficiency & Comfort for Arborists

    The Petzl Zigzag Plus takes arborist rope management to the next level. This advanced mechanical prusik builds upon the success of the Zigzag, offering additional features specifically designed for arborist needs.

    Key benefits for Arborists:

    • Effortless Ascending: The Zigzag Plus's smooth design minimizes fatigue during extended climbs on doubled ropes or single ropes (with CHICANE accessory).
    • Controlled Descending: Manage descents with confidence using the built-in friction control and the high-efficiency swivel pulley for smooth rope glide.
    • Superior Maneuvering: The integrated pulley and improved ergonomics allow for precise positioning and efficient movement within the canopy.
    • Enhanced Comfort: The Zigzag Plus boasts a redesigned lower attachment hole for a more natural grip, reducing hand fatigue.
    • Durable & Versatile: Constructed with high-quality steel and aluminum for exceptional strength and compatibility with both doubled and single ropes (with CHICANE).

    Upgrade your climbing experience with the Petzl Zigzag Plus and enjoy unmatched efficiency and comfort during your arborist work!