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Petzl Sequoia: Comfort & Support for Demanding Arborist Work

The Petzl Sequoia harness is a top choice for arborists seeking a comfortable and supportive partner for all their tree climbing endeavors. This seat harness boasts a range of features designed to enhance your work experience:

  • Exceptional Comfort: Semi-rigid, wide waist belt and leg loops distribute weight evenly, minimizing pressure points and reducing fatigue during long workdays in the canopy. Breathable, perforated foam padding further enhances comfort.
  • Freedom of Movement: The Sequoia's design allows for exceptional freedom of movement, crucial for efficient maneuvering within the tree.
  • Organized Gear Management: Nine pre-shaped equipment loops with protective sheaths keep your tools readily accessible and organized, while allowing attachment of carabiners and tool holders for a customized setup.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-strength materials, the Sequoia is built to withstand the rigors of arborist work.
  • Fall Protection Ready: Equipped with attachment points for lanyards and positioning devices, the Sequoia prioritizes your safety while working at heights.

Invest in the Petzl Sequoia harness and experience the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and safety for your next arborist job!