PETZL Zigzag Descender

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 Effortless Ascending & Descending for Arborists

The Petzl Zigzag is a game-changer for arborists, offering a smooth and efficient way to navigate the canopy. This innovative mechanical prusik functions as a pulley system, allowing for precise control during ascents and controlled descents.

Key benefits for Arborists:

  • Effortless Ascending: The Zigzag's unique design facilitates effortless rope climbing, reducing fatigue during extended climbs.
  • Controlled Descending: Easily manage descents on a single rope with the Zigzag's built-in friction control.
  • Precision Maneuvering: The integrated pulley provides exceptional maneuverability when positioning yourself in the tree.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality steel, the Zigzag is incredibly robust and can withstand demanding tree care environments.
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with both doubled ropes and single ropes (with the addition of a CHICANE brake), offering flexibility in your climbing setup.

Invest in the Petzl Zigzag and experience a new level of efficiency and control in your arborist work!