PETZL Swift RL Pro

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Very powerful, lightweight rechargeable headlamp with multi-beam and REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology for proximity and distance vision. White or red lighting for stealth. 900 lumens.
Designed for the workshop, small maintenance jobs, or concerts and shows, the SWIFT® RL PRO rechargeable headlamp provides 900-lumen brightness. With its REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology, a sensor analyzes the ambient light and automatically adjusts brightness to user requirements. It also has red lighting for stealth. SWIFT® RL PRO is intuitive, with a single button for easy control over all lamp functions. The five-level gauge allows precise monitoring of the battery charge level. The lamp is compatible with Petzl helmets, and mounting accessories allow it to be attached to a variety of helmet types.




Detailed description
Ultra-bright, lightweight and rechargeable:
- 900 lumens for a weight of only 123 g
- Lithium-Ion 2350 mAh battery, rechargeable via the type B micro USB port, with battery charge indicator
Optimized comfort and burn time:
- visual comfort thanks to the two beam patterns (mixed and focused) providing high-performance lighting for professionals: proximity vision, movement and distance vision
- three lighting modes selected with a long hold: STANDARD LIGHTING, REACTIVE LIGHTING® and red lighting
- longer burn time, greater visual comfort and less manual operation with REACTIVE LIGHTING® mode, which allows the light sensor to automatically adjust brightness and beam pattern, optimizing battery usage
- continuous red lighting combines visual comfort and stealth
Intuitive and convenient to use:
- ease of use, with a single button providing control of all functions: ON/OFF, lighting modes, brightness and locking
- lamp can be tilted upward
- LOCK function to avoid accidentally turning on the lamp during transit or storage, or to lock lighting settings during your activity
- five-level gauge for precise monitoring of the battery charge level
- detachable, washable headband
- compatible with Petzl helmets, thanks to the included mounting plate
- compatible with other helmets (1), using plates, available as accessories

(1) For other helmets, verify compatibility with the helmet manufacturer.

Light output: 900 lumens (ANSI FL 1 STANDARD)
Weight: 123 g
Beam pattern: mixed or focused
Energy: 2350 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (included)
Recharge time: 6 h
Certification(s): CE
Watertightness: IPX4 (weather-resistant)
Headlamp comes with a plate for mounting on Petzl VERTEX and STRATO helmets.