Reecoil Co Rope Bag 45L

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The new 45 litre rope bag from REECOIL

Designed for Arborists & Rope Access Technicians and packed with features.

Including Double Wall construction for added durability and to help the bag stand upright - making it easy to load your ropes in.

  1. Removable Backpack Straps
  2. Double Wall Construction
  3. External Silky (Hand Saw) Pocket
  4. Clear Risk Assessment Pocket
  5. 2 x Top Carry Handles
  6. 1 x Hardened Duffel Carry Handle
  7. 2 x Internal Carabiner Loops
  8. 16 x External Carabiner Loops
  9. ZIP-TOP Lid
  10. Drawstring Closure
  11. Easily Fits 60m of 11.7mm Climbing Line + Harness and Helmet and more