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Rigi D rigging WLL 400KG carabiner (Materials Only)

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Rig it Right: The Rigi D - High-Strength Carabiner for Secure Telco Lifting 

Ensure Rigging Safety in Telco Operations! The Rigi D carabiner is a premium lifting solution designed for the demanding needs of the telecommunications industry.

Unmatched Strength & Reliability:

  • Rated Working Load Limit (WLL) of 400kg: Confidently handle lifting tasks within the designated weight limit for telco equipment and materials.
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) of 50kN: Experience exceptional strength and resilience for critical load-bearing applications.
  • Individually Serial Numbered & Load Tested: Each carabiner undergoes rigorous testing and receives a unique serial number for enhanced traceability and quality assurance.

Built for Telco Applications:

  • D-Shaped Design: Offers a versatile rigging option for various lifting configurations commonly used in telecommunications work.
  • Durable Construction: Manufactured from high-strength materials to withstand harsh environments and heavy loads encountered in telco sites.
  • Triple Lock Gate Operation: Provides an additional layer of security with a three-stage locking mechanism for enhanced safety during critical lifting procedures.

Prioritize Safety & Efficiency in Your Telco Work:

The Rigi D carabiner empowers telco professionals to confidently handle lifting tasks with the assurance of exceptional strength, traceability, and ease of use. The triple lock gate operation minimizes the risk of accidental opening, ensuring your focus remains on safe and efficient rigging practices.

Upgrade your rigging practices!