Rock Exotica enForcer Load Cell with Protective Carry Case

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The Enforcer is a compact aluminium load cell that measures force up to 20 kN. Utilising two sampling modes, the Enforcer is able to monitor systems, and log drop testing in high resolution. Unique features like Bluetooth connectivity with the enForcer iOS App and swivel attachment points separate the Enforcer into a class of its own. Comes with a protective carry case.
*Not for use with steel cables or wire rope.



  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Compact & portable design facilitates “in-line” use in rigging systems
  • Swivel attachment points diminish potentially dangerous torsional and off-axis forces
  • Features two sampling modes: “Slow” for monitoring and “Fast” for drop-testing
  • Monitor forces wirelessly on your iPhone with built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Record and download graphs of events (Enforcer app required. Sold separately)
  • Measures force in kg, lb/f and kN
  • Comes with protective carry case

Part#: LC1
Breaking Strength: 36 kN
Max Reading#: 20 kN
Accuracy: +/-2%
Length: 203 mm (8.0″)
Width: 53 mm (2.1″)
Weight: 400 gm (14 oz) w/batteries
Certification: CE


The ENFORCER App for iPhone greatly expands the capabilities of Rock Exotica’s ENFORCER Load Cell. With this combination you can accurately monitor static forces remotely and record dynamic events with up to 500 samples per second. A graph of the force can be viewed directly on the iPhone but also sent as an email attachment for further analysis. Additionally it can be saved to cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. App sold separately.