Rock Exotica rockD Up-Lock Carabiner - 30kN

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Introducing the innovative rockD Up-Lock carabiner, designed to elevate your technical setups. Its push-up and twist gate mechanism offers tailored compatibility with your equipment and gear arrangements. Choose your gate style with ease. When it comes to peak strength in a standard-sized aluminum frame, the rockD is unmatched, making it the ultimate selection.

Versatility defines the rockD carabiner, catering to a diverse spectrum of specialized applications. In non-lanyard variations, the flattened i-beam profile at top and bottom bends ensures a streamlined appearance while delivering impressive strength-to-weight ratio.

Upgrade to the rockD Up-Lock carabiner and unlock a world of possibilities. Whether you're a technician or an enthusiast, experience the pinnacle of strength, flexibility, and sleek design in a single, reliable tool.