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RopeR Edge Roller: Effortless Rope Management and Protection (Two Models Available)

The RopeR Edge Roller is the ultimate solution for protecting and guiding ropes while hauling or creating rope access systems. This innovative tool features a lightweight yet robust aluminum frame that can withstand demanding use. Choose from two models to suit your specific needs:

1. RopeR Edge Roller - Fixed Right Angle:

  • Ideal for applications where a straight and fixed rope path is required.
  • Offers secure attachment points for tying back the unit to various structures.

2. RopeR Edge Roller - Multi-Angle:

  • Features two separate roller components connected by maillons for ultimate versatility.
  • Allows for adjusting the roller angle to accommodate changes in rope direction.
  • Integrated tie-back points provide secure anchoring in various configurations.

Key benefits of the RopeR Edge Roller (both models):

  • Reduced Rope Wear & Tear: The smooth rollers on high-quality ball bearings minimize friction, significantly reducing wear and tear on your ropes during hauling or movement.
  • Effortless Hauling: The rollers drastically reduce friction, allowing for smoother and more efficient hauling of ropes, saving you time and energy on the job.
  • Versatility for Rope Access Systems: The RopeR Edge Roller is perfect for creating temporary or permanent rope access systems, guiding ropes securely and preventing damage from sharp edges.
  • Portable & Lightweight: The aluminum construction makes the RopeR Edge Roller lightweight and easy to transport, ideal for any worksite.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for various applications where ropes need protection and smooth movement, including construction, arboriculture, stage rigging, and industrial settings.
  • Secure Tie-Back Points: Integrated attachment points allow for secure fastening of the RopeR Edge Roller to various structures, providing additional stability and preventing unwanted movement. (This applies to both models)

Invest in the RopeR Edge Roller and experience a safer and more efficient way to handle and manage your ropes!