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Singing Rock Expert 3D Speed Harness

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EXPERT 3D speed / W0079DR
EXPERT 3D speed / W0079DB - black version
EXPERT 3D standard / W0078DR
EXPERT 3D standard / W0078DB - black version
The variant of the EXPERT 3D harness with easy-lock buckles

Comfortable light-weight (2415 g) full-body harness for confined space, rope access and fall arrest. Comes in two variants: Speed (with quick buckles) and Standard (with easy-lock buckles)

The Expert 3D is a fully adjustable rope access harness. It has an extra-wide waist belt with 3D shaped padding which provides comfort when working at height. The straps have more than enough adjustable room to put over your head (including your helmet). Compatible with any chest ascender but works best with Cam Clean. The chest ascender fixation point connected by an Ozone triple-lock carabiner is protected by a plastic cover to increase the durability of the webbing. The slightly off-centre position making ascending a breeze as it clears from the central D-ring.  

  • Conforms with EN 361, EN 813, EN 358 and EN 1497
  • Compatible with any chest ascender but works best with Cam Clean
  • Four gear loops with a load capacity of 5 kg each
  • Slots for Porter on the waist belt for industrial equipment
  • Additional items (up to 35 kg) can be attached to the waist belt webbing
  • D-rings on the side can be stowed away by simply pushing them back
  • Independently adjustable leg loops and shoulder straps
  • Speed buckles for fast donning (Speed version)
  • Extra gear attachment point of left shoulder strap (e.g. walkie talkie)
  • Suitable for backpacks as the rear attachment point is flat
  • Steel components are finished with E-coating for high corrosion resistance

Available in:

  • Black and yellow: has reflective strips on the waist and shoulders for increased visibility when working in the dark
  • Black: does not have any reflective elements and thus suitable for military, police and special forces covert operations
  • Speed: comes with quick buckles for extra fast donning
  • Standard: comes with easy-lock buckles

EU conformity:

  • EN 361: “A” marked attachment points on front and back for fall arrest
  • EN 813: Attachment point for descender on the front
  • EN 358: Two side attachment points for work positioning
  • EN 1497: Confined space rescue points on the shoulder

Looking for a harness with fewer features? Try the Expert III

Weight: 2415 g speed • 2110 g standard [size M/L]


high resolution picture instructions of use technical parameters

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Size table

A (cm) 65-80 75-100 85-130
A (in) 25-31 29-39 33-51
B (cm) 45-60 50-75 50-75
B (in) 18-24 19-29 19-29
C (cm) 150-170 160-180 175-205

EN 358 EN 361 EN 813 EN 1497 1019