Singing Rock

Singing Rock Ozone Twist Lock

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OZONE twist lock / K0017AA00 - blue

OZONE twist lock / K0017BB00 - black

The Singing Rock Ozone is the perfect Lightweight Screw lock Carabiner for almost all applications. Individually Serial Numbered, Rated to 26kN, priced well and feels great in the hand.

Oval carabiner designed to be used with pulleys, ascenders and descenders. Its almost oval shape makes the carabiner easy to turn around in slings or attachment/anchor points. 

Twist gate lock

Keylock nose

unique production number 

Color blue, black

Weight 85 g ‚

Material light alloy (anodized)

Strength major axis26 kN

Strength minor axis9 kN

Strength open gate7 kN

Gate opening (d)21 mm