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In the field of rope access, SKYLOTEC has continuously developed its know-how and manufacturing capabilities. Thus, the German family-owned company is the market leader for motor-driven power ascenders. The latest member of this product family is the “ActSafe ICX”. It has a light weight, compact design and has been developed for light industrial use. The device has been developed within a strategic partnership with Husqvarna, a leading manufacturer of power tools for forestry and garden and landscape maintenance.


SKYLOTEC is, among other things, the market leader for motor-driven power ascenders. In this segment, many users rely on the battery- or petrol-powered “ActSafe” solutions. These are already used, for example, for window and facade cleaning, rotor blade maintenance on wind turbines, for rescuing people and for tactical access. Now SKYLOTEC is presenting a new device that expands the existing product family to suit the target group: the “ActSafe ICX”. The device was developed in a strategic partnership with Husqvarna. The Swedish company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of power tools for forestry, gardening and landscaping. For the “ActSafe ICX”, Husqvarna's modular battery technology was used, which guarantees high reliability and power output.

“Husqvarna has extensive application knowledge and have been working with hand-held machines for over 60 years. We are the technology and market leader in powered hoists. With this cooperation, we enable a very broad target group to efficiently use state-of-the-art access technology in their daily work,” says Dr Kai Rinklake, CEO at SKYLOTEC. While heavy users rely on the established high-performance devices of the “ActSafe” family, the “ActSafe ICX” addresses a target group that primarily works in light industrial use with reduced requirements. The areas of application range from professional event rigging and classic rope-based access requirements to tree care, scaffolding and work in confined spaces to telecommunication and the Do-It-Yourself sector in sports or hunting. Thanks to the customised performance characteristics for these areas of application with reduced requirements for the necessary distances when ascending and descending, the new “ActSafe ICX” power ascender presents itself with a high product quality at an attractive price.

Work easily, efficiently, flexibly and safely

With the “ActSafe ICX” – as with the other cable winches – activities can be carried out more easily, efficiently and flexibly than with the use of manual equipment. The rope is inserted intuitively and easily, so that the battery-operated device can also be used by beginners without any complications. The hoist is fixed to an anchor point and is ready for use within a short time. A thumbwheel can be used to continuously regulate the speed of ascent and descent from 0 to 24 metres per minute, as required.

In addition, the “ActSafe ICX” offers many advantages in terms of work safety: For example, the device has built-in safety electronics. This constantly monitors and regulates the charge levels, temperature and energy output of the batteries. In case of overheating or overcharging, the system temporarily shuts down the winch. An emergency descent button enables abseiling in the event of an empty battery or a malfunction. In addition, the device can be operated with the help of a remote control in open spaces up to a range of 50 metres, for example, even without visual contact via radio announcements. In this way, a person can ascend and descend a colleague if the latter is no longer able to do so himself.

In addition, the power ascender is compatible with different battery sizes from Husqvarna's BLi-X system. This means that the same batteries can be used as in Husqvarna products. The “ActSafe ICX” is suitable for lifting people and loads with a permissible payload of 185 kilograms. In addition, it has IP protection class 55; the device is thus protected against dust deposits inside and against water jets from all directions.