Skylotec ACX Powered Ascender Complete Kit

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  • Many workplaces at height, such as complex façade structures, wind turbines or masts, are difficult to access, which makes recurring work more difficult. The new ACX Power Ascender considerably simplifies and accelerates work on complex structures and eliminates the need for expensive access systems or aerial work platforms. The battery-powered ACX personnel winch, in combination with a rope, forms a highly flexible system for simple and cost-efficient cleaning and maintenance of complex structures.

    For service technicians, building and window cleaners as well as maintenance technicians, accessing a complex structure or lifting up loads becomes child's play. ACX makes it possible to move efficiently across the facade without using muscle power. For example, heavy loads, such as antennas, can be effortlessly transported onto a mast or work utensils required for the maintenance of rotor blades on a wind turbine. For lifting loads we recommend exclusively the robust 11 mm static rope ELR, which was developed for this special application.

    Functionality of the system

    Both the working rope on which the ACX travels and a second backup rope are attached to a suitable attachment point. A light, guided type fall arrester in accordance with EN 353-2, e.g. the ROCKER, is attached to the backup rope, which in turn is connected to the front fall-arrest attachment point of the harness used by means of carabiners. In both cases we recommend the semi-static ropes SUPER STATIC 11.0 or SUPER STATIC 11.0. The Ropes should always be soaked in water before first use. An instruction manual can be found here. Suitable sit harnesses according to EN 813 are e.g. IGNITE ARGONRECORD CACH or RESCUE PRO 2.0 with a SKYBOARD.

    The ascent speed with the ACX is 24 m/min, but it can be infinitely adjusted. The descent speed is 25 m/min. The maximum range of the battery is 200 m at 100 kg load and 20°C with continuous ascent.

    However, the ACX can also be controlled by a second person on the ground using a remote control up to a range of 150 metres, so that the person working with the device can be automatically moved up or down if he or she is no longer able to do so on his or her own.

    Workers can learn to operate and use the ACX quickly and easily in user training courses. Here you will find everything you need to know about our special ACX training offer.

    ACX Training








    Device Features

    • Ultra-light battery-operated Power Ascender
    • Self-locking enclosed rope grap system
    • Quick and safe insertion of the rope
    • Easy operation via bi-directional throttle
    • Speed regulation from 0 to 24 metres per minute
    • Intelligent battery management system with LED display
    • Long battery life with very short charging times
    • Remote control with a range of up to 150 metres
    • Water and dust resistance class IP 55
    • Persons and loads up to 200 kilogrammes


    All ACX POWER ASCENDER products at a glance

    • POA-001              ACX POWER ASCENDER in a high-quality storage and transport box, including battery, battery charger, DOUBLE-O TRI carabiner, short instructions
    • POA-002              ACX REPLACEMENT BATTERY
    • POA-003              ACX REMOTE CONTROL


    Table with technical data

    rope SUPER STATIC 11.0 (EN 1891-A)
    working load 200 kg
    speed 0-24 m/min
    battery capacity 200 m with 100 kg load
    charge time 80 min
    temperature scale -20°C to + 40°C
    total weight 13 kg
    dimensions 33 x 28 x 27 cm
    reach of remote control Up to 150 m
    dynamical endurance testing 1.25 x SWL
    waterproof IP 55



    Application and explanation video:



    Information on our ACX Training offer


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