Skylotec Ultrastatic Low Stretch Rope 11mm White 200m

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Ultrastatic is certified to EN 1891A and features exceptionally low stretch along with high static strength. In addition, it has excellent handling characteristics. All these characteristics make Ultrastatic a great choice for work and rescue at great heights, use in rough environments of rescue and hoisting equipment, and for use as a rappelling aid.

Ultrastatic features:

  • above average breaking strength
  • exceptionally low stretch
  • excellent UV stability
  • good resistance to acids
  • 200m spool

Ultrastatic 11 mm:

  • certified with PETZL ASAP international version (B071AA00) in use with ASAP’Sorber 20+40 cm international version according to EN 353-2
  • certified with PETZL ASAP LOCK (B071BAA00) in use with ASAP’Sorber AXESS according to EN 353-2