SKYSAFE PRO FLEX Y (FS 92 Hook 90mm gate opening)

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Skylotec Skysafe Pro Flex Y Lanyard: Unmatched Safety & Access for Telco, Stage Building & More

The Skylotec Skysafe Pro Flex Y Lanyard is the ultimate choice for professionals working at heights, particularly in telecommunications, stage building, and other applications requiring secure fall protection. This innovative lanyard boasts a class-leading 90mm gate opening, offering exceptional versatility when connecting to various anchor points.

Unparalleled Safety:

  • Revolutionary Energy Absorber: This lanyard features Skylotec's patented energy absorber, ensuring a maximum impact force of less than 6kN, even with a user weight range of 50-140kg (110-310 lbs).
  • Final Impact Resistance of 22kN: This exceptional resistance provides additional peace of mind before and after a fall.
  • Compliant with Australian Standards: The Skysafe Pro Flex Y Lanyard meets the stringent requirements of EN 354:2010, EN 355:2002, EN 795:2012, RFU PPE-R/11.063, and RFU PPE-R/11.074, guaranteeing your safety.

Enhanced Functionality for Diverse Applications:

  • Wide 90mm Gate Opening: This allows for easy connection to a broader range of anchor points, maximizing compatibility with various structures and equipment commonly encountered in Telco, stage building, and other industries.
  • Elasticated Lanyard: The 1.8m lanyard stretches to a comfortable 1.15m when not in use, reducing bulk and improving ease of movement.
  • Rescue Loops: A unique feature, these built-in loops become accessible after a fall, enabling faster and easier rescue by colleagues.

Invest in your safety and efficiency with the Skylotec Skysafe Pro Flex Y Lanyard. Order yours today!